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You are about to engage in a six-week, interfaith journey that will incorporate learning about hunger, getting to know people's stories, preparing nutritious food, engaging in the collective power of prayer, writing to public officials about this national crisis and walking with purpose. Explore the steps by going to the Toolkit.

Please be as flexible with the program as works for you. City Soup can be practiced as neighbors sharing soup together, families reflecting over dinner, co-workers reflecting over a soup lunch, or prayerful sharing at a congregational function. You can complete the course over 6 weeks, or 2 times per week over 3 weeks, or a full week of soup suppers - whatever works - works! Ready your donations and contribute to City Soup or a hunger relief organization of your choice.

Dates to be aware of during this year's Journey:

Here is The Journey in steps:

Step 1: Create your group

Step 2: Be sure to register your group on the City Soup website

Step 3: Read and play with the weekly material (see Toolkit)

Step 4: Share a simple soup meal

Step 5: Reflect together on what you have learned

Step 6: Set aside your savings

Step 7: Start and keep walking (prayerfully)

Step 8: Donate your savings to the Hunger Relief Organization of your choice

Register now for City Soup

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or recipes, please contact City Soup at

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