Welcome to City Soup, a six-week journey to learn about hunger in America today, and specifically in the Greater Philadelphia region. We are suggesting that you gather with a community of your choice, whether that is your church, synagogue, mosque, ashram, sangah, meeting house, co-workers, family, or group of friends. This is a journey to make with others because, together, our learning, reflection and deeper understanding can engender positive change toward in growing crisis in America. Each week, you will learn about an aspect of hunger. You will get to know someone's personal story, whether they be a person who suffers from hunger-related issues or a hunger advocate or policy maker. You will learn the facts. You will find out what our nation has done in the past, and will learn more about soup kitchens and food cupboards, as well as organizations and agencies in our area that are fighting hunger every day. You will start to ask yourself disturbing questions, and wonder about solutions.

As you are learning about these things, we ask you to spend time with one another, talking about them in a broader way and imagining how we might go beyond what we've tried in the past. Creative imagination, based on a foundation of education and internal reflection, can move mountains.

We have to find new ways to address hunger. Changes in policy require changes in thinking. Perhaps as we journey these six weeks, reading, reflecting, discussing, walking, sharing a simple soup meal and donating our savings, we will begin to think differently, with a deeper understanding of the problem of hunger and everything it engenders in our society.

We invite you to come with us on this journey, with our Creator as our force and guide, to change the silent and sorrowful course of hunger in our city.

Toolkit Contents

Hunger: A Definition of the Problem   Facts on Hunger
Week 1: Give Us Strength   Week 4: Light for the Journey
Week 2: God & Justice   Week 5: Danger & Opportunities
Week 3: Give Us Hope   Week 6: Partner for Change
    For Returning Congregations/Groups

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If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or recipes, please contact City Soup at info@citysoupphilly.

You might find this handout (pdf) from the 2011 Preaching on Hunger workshop useful for its information and statistics.



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